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Funny that the only thing I posted about this trip was out trip to SF to get a passport. Someday I’ll update this journal.

By billvision on 10/12
re: 'The Passport Appointment'.

Hello Jessica, Bill with Zoe!! Greetings from Christer to you all, here is very calm with Zam, the cat. I may say that it is very high class website…

By Christer Lampinen on 12/24
re: 'We are now using the new website'.


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Adventures at the Arctic Circle

This is a personal travel blog for Bill Sutherland and Jessica Taavo. We have been fortunate enough to vacation in Sweden at least once a year since 2000. In August 2007, we left the US to spend an entire year in Sweden. The twenty four hour journey from California to Juoksengi is a tough one, requiring three flights and a two hour car ride, but it is always well worth it.

This website contains journals, photos, videos, and a some local information about Northern Sweden. We've also traveled to Finland and Southern Sweden.

The Passport Appointment

Posted on Wed, June 03 2009 in Trip 7: And We're Back Again

Today we drove to our passport appointment in San Francisco. We had an appointment at 10am, which we were actually on time for (amazing). When we got to the 5th floor the guard said we could not bring any food or drink past the security checkpoint. So, down the elevator we went. Jess and Zoe finished the smoothie while I ran back to the car to put away the other snacks. In the mean time at least 10 other people passed the girls headed for the elevator. We finally made it to the check in window and received our number. It was #80. Apparently the appointment time meant nothing. They were currently processing #24. After at least ten minutes they were on #26. Yeah, it looked like it was going to be a very long day.


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10PM Summer Stroll

Posted on Sun, June 29 2008 in Trip 6: One Full Year

Last night I took the dog out for a walk. It was around 10:30PM. The sun was near the horizon but it was still an hour away from dipping below the hills. The golden color from the low sun looked really nice on the buildings, flowers, and sheep!

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Swedish Midsummer Party

Posted on Fri, June 20 2008 in Trip 6: One Full Year

Today we went the a Swedish midsummer party in Kuivakangas, a village just south of Juoksengi. The day started off with some games, and a quick pony ride. Jessica got three out of five baskets, and Zoe was not too excited about being on a horse so we cut the ride a little short.


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Ride to the River - Part 2

Posted on Sat, June 07 2008 in Trip 6: One Full Year

After checking out the river and the ‘beach’, I thought I’d ride north to see if I could find anything interesting.

After a few minutes I found a cool looking ‘road’ that I figured would lead down to the river so I decided to walk down to the river’s edge for a little different view of the Torne River.


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Ride to the River - Part 1

Posted on Sat, June 07 2008 in Trip 6: One Full Year

Took the camera and rode my bike around the village today. This is the first set of photos.

I started by heading down to the river. It’s amazing to see how high the water level is now. The water was very calm and the cloudy sky was just beautiful.

Then I headed up the road a bit to the ‘beach’. I snapped a few photos on the way. Well, I arrived at what is usually a beach, but with the water level so high there was no sign of sand, so I took some photos of the flowers. Maybe next month the beach will be visible again.

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The Ice is Breaking

Posted on Mon, May 05 2008 in Trip 6: One Full Year

Today the river ice began to break up and float down the Torne River here in Norrbotten. It does not look as though it will be as sensational as it has in past years, but this will be my first time experiencing it, so I’m excited none the less.

Every year they place a small boat out on the ice just north of the bridge in Övertorneå. People try to guess when the ice will carry it under the bridge. I guessed the boat will pass under the bridge at 4:16pm on May 6th, which is tomorrow. I might actually be close.

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Kukkolaforsen in the Spring Thaw

Posted on Sun, May 04 2008 in Trip 6: One Full Year

Well Spring finally came to Norrbotten. The river water is rising and the ice is breaking up. Here is the first set of photos from the ice break. These ones were taken about 45 minutes south of Juoksengi at a place called Kukkolaforsen.

Here are some photos taken last fall at Kukkolaforsen, before the snow came.

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Arctic Circle Webcam

Posted on Fri, April 25 2008 in Trip 6: One Full Year

Kalle just installed a webcam at the Arctic Circle in preparation for Walpurgis Night, a holiday celebrated on April 30 where people light huge bonfires.

The camera faces North toward the center of Juoksengi and will be left up after the celebration. Now everyone can see for themselves how long (and short) the days are way up north!

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Putting Juoksengi on the Map

Flickr now has a really nice feature called Places. If you have any photos from (or near) Juoksengi please upload them to Flickr and place them on the map. Here is the page for Juoksengi on Flickr Places

Posted by billvision on 01/03 • 0 Comments

We are now using the new website

Yeah! I finally finished building the new website. Well, enough of it to actually use it and replace the old one. I still have several photo sets to publish, and need to post some entries in the journals, but the core site is now up and running.

Posted by billvision on 01/01 • 1 Comments